ADGRB3/BAI3 Knockout Mouse


Knockout mouse models for adhesion G protein-coupled receptors B3, brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor-3 (ADGRB3/BAI3) gene study.

Technical Summary

Emory University researchers have developed a knockout mouse model for the ADGRB3/BAI3 gene. Mice were generated by CRISP/cas9 technology on C57Bl6 background. These mice can be used to study the effects of losing BAI3 expression throughout the whole mouse body. BAI3 has roles in neuroscience, behavior, pathogen phagocytosis, myogenesis, and cancer.

Developmental Stage

Model is available for license.

Publication: Bhattacharya, D. et al. (2019). Scientific Reports, 9(1), 4437.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 19054
Published: 7/9/2019