Human Osteopontin Knock-in Mouse Line


Mouse lines expressing isoforms a, b, and c of the Human Osteopontin (OPN) protein for cancer research.

Technical Summary

The murine OPN is not subject to splicing and therefore does not express different isoforms. Human cancers express splice variants. Emory researchers developed these mouse models to express each isoform independently from the murine promotor to allow for studies for specific indications where the a, b, or c isoform is implicated. Each strain is a knock-in mutant of the individual isoform coding cDNA expressed with a Myc/DDK tag at the c-terminus and also flanked by loxP sites for conditional removal. The mouse lines were generated in a C57Bl/6J background.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 18163
Published: 9/26/2018