Immortalized Mouse Aortic Endothelial Cell Lines


Immortalized (using polyoma middle T-antigen) mouse aortic endothelial primary cell lines for studying vascular biology and pathophysiology, including cardiovascular research.

Key Benefits

  • Immortalized from mouse artery endothelial cells using polyoma middle T-antigen.
  • Validated retention of primary endothelial markers and structural phenotype in cell culture.
  • Wild-type, p47phox-/-, eNOS-/-, and caveolin-1-/- knockout aortic endothelial cell llines.

Technical Summary

A lack of primary mouse aortic endothelial cells for cell culture remains a hindrance in endothelial cell biology research. One major challenge is developing endothelial cells for cell culture that retain their original endothelial phenotype. The inventors created a series of immortalized mouse aortic endothelial WT and genetically modified cell lines that retain their endothelial cell markers (PECAM1, eNOS, VE-cadherin, and von Willebrand Factor) and the ability to responds to physiological stiumuli such as shear stress and TNFα and form endothelial tube structure.

Developmental Stage

Cell lines are available for licensing.

Publication: Ni, C .et al. (2014). Vascular Cell. 6:7

Patent Information

Tech ID: 15096
Published: 3/25/2016