SpineGuide: Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Compatible Spinal Therapeutics Delivery System


MRI-compatible device that enables precise delivery of therapeutic or cells to specific locations in the spinal cord.

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with real-time MRI imaging systems allowing for the targeting and delivery of therapies concurrent with imaging.
  • Can precisely guide and deliver a multitude of therapies (small molecules, biologics or stem cells) to a specific location in the spinal cord.

Market Summary

Spinal cord injuries and diseases are complex, difficult to treat, and usually have a poor prognosis, resulting in a range of symptoms from pain and weakness to paralysis and incontinence. Potential treatments for the spinal cord injuries such as small molecule therapies, biologics, electrical stimulation, and the application of stem cells have been developed; however, effective delivery of these therapies to specific locations within the spinal cord remains a key challenge for the field. Currently, surgeons rely of preoperative imaging and some-what invasive visual inspection techniques of the spinal cord to identify location of the injury; there is no currently available tool that allows for real-time imaging, guidance, and therapeutic delivery.

Technical Summary

The SpineGuide™ is a spinal therapy delivery device comprised of a stable platform that is temporarily fixed to the spine, a radiofrequency coil of similar size, and a stereotaxic delivery system that together enable precise delivery of therapeutic agents to the spinal cord. The platform can articulate in multiple directions, and once the correct placement is determined, lock in place to ensure therapies are targeted to the correct location. The SpineGuide™ system is compatible with the current real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance systems from multiple manufacturers.

Developmental Stage

A prototype has been developed and work continues to refine the system. Preclinical large animal testing is planned.

Patent Information

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Utility (parent) United States 14/851,524 10,866,291 9/11/2015 12/15/2020 Issued
Tech ID: 14115
Published: 1/28/2015