Microfluidic Device for Delivery of Therapeutics into Cells


Microfluidic slide with individual cell holders for use in microinjection procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Open system - compatible with other microinjection technologies and existing research instrumentation.
  • Compatible with both adherent and non-adherent cells.
  • Enables high-throughput and high-precision delivery of substances into cells, specifically the nucleus if needed.
  • Potentially low-cost and disposable.

Market Summary

The efficient capture and retention of individual cells for precise delivery of therapeutic agents remains a great challenge in microinjection procedures, especially in those that involve suspended cells. Current microfluidic slides can sort cells in a closed system. Because they are enclosed systems, however, microinjection technologies cannot be used with the slides. A solution to these technical challenges with an open system design could potentially be of interest to companies that manufacture microfluidic devices or develop cell-based therapies.

Technical Summary

Dr. Lam and his colleagues have invented a microfluidic system that is open and therefore compatible with external microinjection devices. This technology consists of a slide with a grid of C-shaped structures on its surface. Cells suspended in a fluid are flowed over the device in one direction. As the cells settle, they will be trapped and immobilized by the C-shaped cell holders during microinjection which will allow efficient injection of therapeutic agents into individual cells. After injection, the fluid flow is reversed to release the cells.

Developmental Stage

Prototype device developed.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 11234
Published: 7/12/2012