cDNA and Cell Line for L-Proline Transporter


Cloning and studying the L-proline transporter.

Technical Summary

This invention is the first cDNA clone encoding a L-proline transporter. The clone makes it possible to perform high-level structural analysis of L-proline uptake. The clone permits the generation of antibodies capable of specifically recognizing L-proline in the pathways in which it is expressed. The precise role of L-proline as a neurotransmitter is the subject of current investigation. Certain results suggest that L-proline plays a role in interacting with glutamatenergic neurons, possibly as an inhibitor. In the short term, the cDNA should prove a valuable tool in elucidating the role of L-proline. As the role of L-proline is better defined, therapeutic applications for the cDNA are likely to emerge.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 92027
Published: 2/24/2009