Smartphone Diagnostic for Rapid Respiratory Virus Detection


Diagnostic and automatic surveillance platform to identify RSV, Influenza A, and COVID-19 in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid smartphone-based detection of multiple respiratory viruses in nasal swab, breath condensate, and saliva.
  • Requires few reagents and no expensive equipment.
  • Limit of detection on par with PCR and rapid readout.
  • Enables early detection, disease surveillance, and optimal treatment.
  • Platform technology that can be used to detect other infectious diseases.

Market Summary

The respiratory disease diagnostic market is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing prevalence of respiratory infections such as COVID-19, influenza, and RSV. The demand for rapid, accurate, and non-invasive diagnostic tools has surged, highlighting the need for innovative solutions like breath-based and smartphone-integrated tests. The market is further bolstered by advancements in molecular diagnostics, point-of-care testing, and home-based testing kits, which offer convenience and quick results. Regulatory approvals and substantial investment in research and development are paving the way for new technologies to enter the market, addressing the urgent need for effective, rapid diagnostics to combat respiratory diseases and prevent future pandemics.

Technical Summary

Researchers at Emory have developed a smartphone-based virus test that uses DNA micromotors to attach to the virus's surface. Once the micromotors attach to the virus, they stop moving, indicating a positive or negative result. The Rolosense assay has been shown to be highly sensitive and is able to detect multiple viruses simultaneously, including COVID-19, RSV, and influenza A. The test can be applied toward breath condensate, saliva, or nasal swab samples. The assay can be applied in a point of care setting (doctor’s office) or more broadly using a home test.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 22100
Published: 7/2/2024