Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) Ventilator


Simple, low-cost bag-valve-mask (ambu bag) ventilator for treating respiratory challenges associated with COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Key Benefits

  • Enables ventilation of two patients simultaneously or allows alternating tidal volumes for a single patient.
  • Simple, low-cost design.

Technical Summary

Georgia Tech, Emory University and Cranfield University researchers have developed an emergency ventilator based on resuscitation bags. The two-bag design takes full advantage of the reciprocating stroke motion of the rack-and-pinion. This BVM-ventilator is able to ventilate two patients at the same respirator rate but with independent tidal volume control, or ventilate one patient at twice the respirator rate allowing for alternating tidal volumes. The simple, low cost design can be produced quickly and is flexible for use in permanent healthcare facilities or field hospitals.

Watch the video here.

Developmental Stage

Prototype has been developed and tested.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 20142
Published: 2/23/2022