Surgical Device for Eyelid Ptosis Correction


Surgical device to perform clamping, incision, and closure for correcting eyelid ptosis.

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies the Müller muscle resection that decreases surgical procedure time.
  • Eliminates the risk of cutting sutures that cause dehiscence and improves the final appearance.

Market Summary

Ptosis (drooping upper eyelids) is a common condition associated with aging. In addition to it affecting the elderly, ptosis can be congenital, result from trauma around the eyes or can result as an aftereffect of cataract surgery or other corrective eye surgery. The Müllerectomy is a commonly used procedure for repairing ptosis internally. However, the established methods are complex and time consuming. There is also a risk of complications or need for revisional operation.

Technical Summary

Emory Researcher has developed a surgical device for correcting ptosis. The device is designed to be applied below the Putterman clamp and in one movement would simultaneously lay down a row of absorbable staples while also cutting to resect extraneous Müller’s muscle. This device eliminates the suture and resection steps in the Müllerectomy, simplifying the procedure and reducing the operational time of the surgery. It would allow for better wound alignment with evenly spaced absorbable staples, improving the final appearance of the eyelid contour and reducing scarring.

Developmental Stage

The prototype is under development.

Patent Information

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Utility (parent) United States 14/959,184 10,213,200 12/4/2015 2/26/2019 Issued
Tech ID: 15005
Published: 6/18/2019