Comprehensive education package that includes iPad app and website focused on increasing influenza and pertussis vaccinations among pregnant women.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a comprehensive educational package for patients as well as healthcare providers.
  • Is founded on an evidence-based educational system.

Market Summary

Significantly more people are choosing not to be vaccinated nor vaccinate their children due to a fear of the risks associated with vaccinations. As a consequence, many parents now choose to delay, withhold, separate, or space out vaccines. Some do not vaccinate themselves or their children at all  Pregnant women are at an increased risk of serious illness due to seasonal and pandemic influenza; however, statistics show that only a meager proportion of pregnant women receive the vaccine.

Technical Summary

Studies show that when the recommendation of influenza vaccination during pregnancy comes directly from the woman’s obstetrician, the odds of vaccination are significantly higher. Emory Researchers have developed a comprehensive educational package to educate women and their obstetricians about the benefits of vaccination against influenza and pertussis. The P3 package includes an iPad-based interactive tutorial in addition to educational posters and brochures to increase awareness. Provider-to-patient talking points in an easy-to-read format are also provided for health care providers.

Developmental Stage

  • System has been created.
  • iPad app and website are functional.

Find additional information on the MOMVAX RCT intervention Package Materials website or the Vaccination information website.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 14220
Published: 1/28/2015