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Combination Therapy Using Small Molecule Conjugation to Reovirus for TNBC Treatment
ApplicationSmall molecule inhibitor doxorubicin hydrochloride (Dox) conjugated to reovirus for targeted combination therapy of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC).Key BenefitsTargeted treatment that directly infects and kills breast cancer cells.Increased cytopathicity, cytotoxicity and faster induction of cell death than virus alone.Enhanced selective...
Published: 10/11/2019       Inventor(s): Bernardo Mainou, Roxana Rodriguez, Angela Berger
Obstrix: Inflatable Cerclage Pessary
ApplicationExpandable cervical pessary device to treat cervical incompetence.Key BenefitsInflatable device can adapt to any size. Eliminates need for sutures or cervical tape, reducing risk of cervical trauma.Market SummaryCervical incompetence is a premature dilation and effacement (cervical ripening) during the second trimester of pregnancy and often...
Published: 7/8/2019       Inventor(s): Robert Kelley, Sruti Bheri, Esther Max-Onakpoya, Xiaoshan (Melody) Shao, Alena Sim
Asparagine Endopeptidase (Legumain) Inhibitors for Treating Cancers
ApplicationSmall molecule inhibitors of asparagine endopeptidase for the treatment of cancers. Key BenefitsNontoxic and specific inhibitors selectively block asparagine endopeptidase (AEP), leaving other related cysteine proteases unaffected.Effectively represses the metastasis of breast cancer cells to lungs.Market SummaryAsparagine endopeptidase (AEP)...
Published: 10/25/2016       Inventor(s): Keqiang Ye, Haian Fu, Yuhong Du
ApplicationComprehensive education package that includes iPad app and website focused on increasing influenza and pertussis vaccinations among pregnant women.Key BenefitsProvides a comprehensive educational package for patients as well as healthcare providers. Is founded on an evidence-based educational system. Market SummarySignificantly more people...
Published: 1/28/2015       Inventor(s): Saad Omer, Allison Abramson, Walter Orenstein, Paula Frew, Katy Seib
Automated Classification of Tissue in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Images
Application Software program for the automatic classification of breast tissue in 3D mammography or Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) imaging. Key Benefits Better tissue classification in DBT images than methods currently available. Higher sensitivity and specificity compared to competing technology. Market Summary A recent study published in the...
Published: 5/30/2014       Inventor(s): Baowei Fei, Xulei Qin, Ioannis Sechopoulos