RheumMate: An mHealth Application to Improve Patient Engagement for Rheumatological Diseases


A mobile app for iOS to capture and communicate joint pain and arthritic parameters to healthcare providers, particularly in children.

Key Benefits

  • Designed specifically for children to use.
  • Employs a user friendly game and reward based system to collect data.
  • Accurately captures disease data for diagnosis, management and surveillance.

Market Summary

Juvenile arthritis is one of the most common childhood diseases in the U.S. Children and parents need to be able to report subjective levels of joint pain, swelling, and joint mobility in order to facilitate timely and accurate assessment and disease management by healthcare providers as well as for evaluation of the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions, drug trials, and research. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to avoid joint damage and thus chronic disability. An accurate count of the number of joints affected and their manifestations are critical for evaluating the effectiveness of the therapeutic regimen.

Technical Summary

Emory researchers have developed an app to sustain engagement from patients, provide accurate clinical information to the care team, and overall, facilitate the interaction between patients with joint pain and the physician. The patients will use the app to input their subjective joint assessment values and communicate with healthcare providers. The app includes a user friendly, game-based system, which is secure and HIPAA compliant. The app will allow patients and healthcare providers to interact via texting. Healthcare providers will be able to use the app to review patient’s data, update records, and view data collection statistics.

Developmental Stage

iOS application is in development.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 14148
Published: 1/28/2015