Study Management and Retention Toolkit (SMART)


Mobile app and desktop application for management of research studies involving human patients.

Key Benefits

  • Supports a variety of study formats.
  • Combines management of all parts of study in one place.
  • Automatically reminds patients and research staff of upcoming appointments and tasks.
  • Improves communication between study admin and study participants.

Market Summary

Research studies involving human patients are a necessary part of developing novel interventions for many diseases. These studies are complex and involve regular communication between patients, project coordinators, and other research staff. Project coordinators track a large number of study-related tasks and ensure that patients come in for all study related visits. Once the study is complete, the generated data must be compiled for analysis. There is a need for a centralized management tool for tracking all components of research projects involving human patients.

Technical Summary

Emory inventors developed the Study Management and Retention Toolkit (SMART) to manage research studies involving human subjects. SMART supports various study designs and allows the user to customize the system setup for each study. The software can be also used at multiple sites simultaneously. SMART helps research staff track enrollment and retention of subjects, and provides text, email, or calendar alerts to remind patients and research staff of upcoming appointments. The SMART Task Manager allows staff to view outstanding and complete tasks in one place to ease study implementation. Patient records and data are stored in one place, and completed data can be easily exported for faster analysis once the study is complete. The mobile application is a web-based extension of the SMART desktop application, improving participant accessibility and engagement.

Developmental Stage

This software is currently used in a number of research studies.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 18083
Published: 5/8/2019