Presenillin 1 C-Terminal Monoclonal Antibody


  • Immunoblotting
  • Immunohistochemistry


Human Presenilin-1 C-terminal


Mouse Monoclonal

Technical Summary

By immunoblotting applications the antibody recognizes a predominant 32 kDa polypeptide in a varitety of samples including PC12 cells transfected with human PS1, complimentary DNA brain biopsy specimens from dementia patients and postmortem Alzheimer's disease patients. PS1 is expressed primarily in neurons, with the protein localizing in the soma and dendritic processes. In contrast, in sporadic Alzheimer's disease cases PS1 immunoreactivity is present in the neuritic component of senile plaques as well as in neurofibrillary tangles. Localization of PS1 immunoreactivity heterogeneous forms of the disease share a common pathophysiology involving PS1 protein.


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Patent Information

Tech ID: RT003
Published: 4/15/2010