RADcompass: Body Positioning Tool for Diagnostic Imaging in Radiology


Color-coded decal to provide accurate and specific instructions for proper body positioning during radiology imaging.

Key Benefits

  • Saves time with each procedure.
  • Reduces patient exposure to unwanted radiation.
  • Can be used in all exams that are requested in the upright position.
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming re-takes.
  • Relies on visual aids and audible instructions instead of physically moving the patient.

Market Summary

In a modern healthcare environment, almost all in- and outpatients are likely to undergo one or more radiological studies. Proper body position during radiology exams is paramount to obtain a good image, avoid unwanted radiation exposure and reduce image repeats. Typically, this is done when the radiographer physically assists the patient to achieve the correct position during the exam, which can be quite time-consuming. Sometimes, this also require adjacent areas be addressed (i.e., moving the arms out of the way). With a constant stream of patients, development of an easy-to-follow and efficient system for positioning the patients during the X-ray exams, will speed up patients' workflow, reduce image repeats and patient exposure to unwanted radiation during their radiology visits.

Technical Summary

Emory inventors created a positioning tool for diagnostic imaging in radiology to address this issue. This tool is a color coordinated slip proof positioning decal where each color helps to position a patient in the correct orientation for acquiring images. Provides clear directions for patients to reposition themselves, reducing the need for technician to physically move the patient. The main advantage is that relies on visual aids and audible instructions instead of physically moving the patient.

Developmental Stage

RADcompass has been developed, used within Emory University, and is available for license.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 20022
Published: 1/23/2020