Citizen Science HD


Educational tool, STEM initiative, and mobile app to stimulate critical thinking in K-12 students.

Key Benefits

  • Curriculum is based primarily upon utilizing and understanding Big Data in K-12 schools.
  • Can be used as a STEM educational tool and curriculum at schools, events, and community outreach programs.
  • Increases diversity in STEM by encouraging under-represented individuals and populations to pursue STEM careers.
  • Provides a platform to collect and analyze data, based on citizen science.

Technical Summary

Emory researchers have developed several curricula, academies, after-school programs and a citizen science app for K-12 education. The STEM program includes BIG DATA Academy and After School STEM programs based upon using and understanding Big Data. The citizen science app, PollenNation, has been developed to utilize citizen science-based approaches to collect pollen data for the state of Georgia and potentially other states as usage increases. The goals of Citizen Science HD are to increase diversity in STEM among under-represented individuals and populations, incorporate Citizen Science in classroom and after-school programs, as well as apply Citizen Science and STEM principles to impact human health. This educational program and app can provide tools to improve student achievement.

Developmental Stage

  • Mobile application and curricula development is ongoing.
  • View the webpage.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 19126
Published: 11/22/2019