HIF/Hypoxia-Reporter Cell Lines


Hypoxia/Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) inducible luciferase/LacZ reporter cell lines.

Key Benefit

Expression of luciferase and beta-galactosidase in response to hypoxia treatment.

Technical Summary

Emory University researcher, Erwin Van Meir, has made HIF/hypoxia reporter cell lines by stably transfecting the cells with pBIGL-V6R-HRE-Luc/LacZ reporter construct. The cell lines can be used to monitor transcriptional activity of the reporter in response to hypoxia or HIF transcriptional activity. The reporter activates both luciferase and b-galactosidase expression.

  • LN229 human glioblastoma : pBIGL-V6R-HRE-Luc/LacZ
  • Mel290 human uveal melanoma : pBIGL-V6R-HRE-Luc/LacZ
  • B16LS9 mouse melanoma : pBIGL-V6R-HRE-Luc/LacZ
  • 9L rat glioma : pBIGL-V6R-HRE-Luc/LacZ

Developmental Stage

Cell lines are developed and available for license.


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Patent Information

Tech ID: 19052
Published: 1/22/2019