ReadyVax: Smartphone App Boosts Vaccine Knowledge and Access


Standalone smartphone app to increase vaccinations and improve vaccine knowledge for providers, pharmacists, and the general public.

Key Benefits

  • Provides detailed information about a variety of vaccines and diseases.
  • Sends out alerts and updates.

Market Summary

Vaccines prevent millions of cases of infectious diseases each year; however, many parents are now refusing to have their children vaccinated. The decline in vaccination rate has contributed to outbreaks of preventable diseases in the developed world. Due to false information found on websites, message boards, and blogs, many parents believe that the risk of vaccination is great. Increased education about vaccines from reputable sources is necessary in order to increase vaccination rates.

Technical Summary

The Emory Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center (PERRC) has created an app titled ReadyVax for use by physicians, pharmacists, and the general public. The app includes information about a variety of vaccines and diseases. In addition, it pushes out informational alerts and updates that are specific to the different audiences. Much of the essential content of the app resides on the device itself, and routine updates will be applied when there is network connectivity. With the core elements of the app on the device, rather than available online, the app will provide continuity of service in the event of limited network connectivity, particularly in the event of a health emergency.

Developmental Stage

  • App is available for free download at the iTunes store.
  • Android app is planned.

ReadyVax mobile screenshot

Patent Information

Tech ID: 17207
Published: 4/2/2019