Promising Antibodies Target Virus Glycoprotein for Vaccination and Therapy


Antibodies that bind and neutralize Ebola virus glycoprotein (GP) for use in vaccination or treatment of Ebola virus disease.

Key Benefits

  • Higher binding affinity for Ebola virus GP than closest competitor.
  • Can be used prophylactically or for treatment of Ebola virus disease.

Market Summary

The Ebola virus is an RNA virus with a membrane composed of host cell-derived membrane studded with an imbedded viral expressed glycoprotein (GP). Ebola virus GP allow the virus to breach the host cell membrane and are critical in the infection process. Ebola virus disease is a highly infectious illness with a high fatality rate. Current treatments mitigate the symptoms by providing fluids, maintaining oxygen, and blood pressure; however, there are no approved treatments or vaccines for EVD, though a number of therapeutics are being explored.

Technical Summary

Emory inventors developed a series of monoclonal neutralizing antibodies specific for Ebola virus GP. These antibodies were developed from circulating B cells and plasma cells isolated from the blood of patients who recovered from Ebola infection. These antibodies act by binding to functional parts of the Ebola virus GP to inhibit its activity. One antibody neutralizes Ebola virus with a plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT50) value below 100 ng/ml, which is comparable or superior to ZMapp, the current state-of-the art monoclonal antibody for use with Ebola virus. These antibodies can be used prophylactically in patients who have not developed symptoms, as well as in patients already diagnosed with Ebola virus disease.

Developmental Stage

  • Tested in a plaque reduction neutralization test.
  • Screened for ability to neutralize Ebola virus in mouse study.

Patent Information

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Nationalized PCT - United States EP 17831961.2   2/21/2019   Pending
Continuation United States 17/196,418 11,713,349 3/9/2021 8/1/2023 Issued
Continuation United States 18/332,291   6/9/2023   Pending
Tech ID: 16008
Published: 3/26/2019