ReliefLink: a Suicide Prevention App


ReliefLink is a mobile companion app for suicide prevention.

Key Benefits

  • A companion app that includes mood tracking, reminders and safety plans.
  • Location aware for finding the nearest hospitals and mental health treatment centers.
  • Includes personalized coping mechanisms and assistance for finding therapists and support groups.

Market Summary

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. It is important to understand that deaths due to suicide are only a leading indicator of the individuals at risk. It is estimated that 11 attempted suicides occur per suicide death, resulting in roughly 450,000 emergency room visits per year. While medical treatment at an emergency department is critical, experience and research have shown that people are still at high risk after discharge due to the poor follow-up with appropriate mental health treatments.

Technical Summary

Previous attempts at designing suicide prevention have focused solely on gathering a number of resources in one place. With the help of focus groups of at-risk persons and members of the suicide prevention community, the ReliefLink development team has created a reliable and user-friendly experience designed to provide continuity and follow-up linkages for people at risk for suicide. In addition to providing location aware searching for treatment and support networks, ReliefLink includes mood tracking, reminders for doctor’s appointments and medication, and customized safety planning and coping mechanisms. These innovative features were recently recognized at the White House by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration where the ReliefLink app won first place in the Suicide Prevention: Continuity of Care and Follow-up App Challenge. Read the Emory Press Release on this.

Developmental Stage

The ReliefLink app is available for free download at the iTunes store.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 14006
Published: 3/26/2015