Newborn Pulse Oximetry Data Interpretation Software and Mobile App


Web software and mobile app for interpreting and qualifying newborn pulse oximetry data.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces interpretation of pulse oximetry data.
  • Provides decision support type feedback.
  • Based upon algorithm endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association.

Market Summary

The use of pulse oximetry as a tool for monitoring the health of patients has continued to grow. With regards to mobile applications, medical application lags other segments such as gaming, entertainment, social networking, and navigation, however in general medical application come at a higher price tag per download. The growth of medical apps is expected to continue as smartphone use by both consumers and physicians increases.

Technical Summary

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive way of measuring oxygen saturation levels within the blood and therefore hemoglobin in a patient. Measurement or monitoring of blood oxygenation is important in any situation where blood oxygen content may be unstable such as during the administration of anesthesia or in intensive care or emergency medical situations. Blood oxygenation is also important for neonate survival and as an indicator of potentially serious medical problems. To monitor their blood oxygenation and overall health, pulse oximetry devices are consistently used with neonates and other pediatric patients.

Dr. Oster has developed software that allows for the interpretation of newborn pulse oximetry readings. The pulse oximetry readings are manually inputted into the software, which then uses a known algorithm to assess if a newborn has a healthy reading, requires retesting, or does not have a healthy reading and requires further medical investigation.

Developmental Stage

Website and mobile apps have been developed and are currently in use.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 12108
Published: 1/8/2013