Web-based Software for Managing and Allocating Research Animal Colonies


Animal inventory database software that combines animal tracking, usage requests, and animal allocation into one program through a web-based user interface.


  • Streamlines colony management by using one program instead of separate programs for tracking, allocation, and usage requests.
  • Built on open source software to allow easy customization to the specific needs of each institution.

Market Summary

The allocation of research animals is a time consuming process for research centers as animal status, upcoming research projects, and researcher requests are often maintained in separate paper or electronic files such as Word documents, Access databases, and Excel spreadsheets. This fracturing of data frequently requires that research animal allocation be performed by manual data entry and selection. Currently no single program exists to allow a research center to track and manage animals, field usage requests from researchers, and assist in allocation of animals to requested projects. Combining these processes decreases time spent inputting data, and improves animal record accuracy as all information is only entered into one program.

Technical Summary

The animal management system is currently designed to manage a non-human primate research colony. The system allows for historical exposure tracking, project allocation, and pending animal use requests to be performed all in the same program through a web-based user interface. By combining these tasks (tracking, allocation, requests), the software program can speed up allocation by suggesting animals based on researcher’s requests and animal availability. Animal status in the database can be updated in real-time, eliminating repetitive data entry into multiple programs and files, ensuring the most accurate data are always available. The software package is written in the PHP programming language, using the Drupal content management system, and a MySQL database. These are open source program packages, making customization and site specific tailoring of the system an easy process. The system is also designed to integrate with any legacy or internal systems in order to allow for real-time data synchronization with systems already in use.

Developmental Stage

Software developed and in use at Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University

Patent Information

Tech ID: 12101
Published: 6/21/2013