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Vivarium for Continuous, Wireless Monitoring of Animal Behavior and Physiology
ApplicationBioelectric field sensor-equipped cage to continuously monitor animal behavior and measure physiological events such as respiratory and heart rate. Key BenefitsEnables continuous monitoring of research animals to identify behavioral and physiological events in an automated and systematic manner. Non-contact monitoring in animal’s vivarium...
Published: 4/23/2024       Contributor(s): Shawn Hochman, William (bill) Goolsby, Michael Mckinnon, Camden Macdowell, Donald Noble, Heidi Kloefkorn-Adams
Web-based Software for Managing and Allocating Research Animal Colonies
Application Animal inventory database software that combines animal tracking, usage requests, and animal allocation into one program through a web-based user interface. Highlights Streamlines colony management by using one program instead of separate programs for tracking, allocation, and usage requests. Built on open source software to allow...
Published: 4/23/2024       Contributor(s): Michael Luttrell jr, Rajeev Karajgikar, Walt Hultgren