MitraSurg: A Device for Minimally Invasive Robotic Mitral Valve Repair


MitraSurg is a simple device for surgical correction of mitral valve lesions, which can be implanted using minimally invasive and robotic surgical techniques.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, collapsible design to enable delivery to the mitral valve via small incisions or ports.
  • Does not require suturing to the valve, which reduces the time and risk associated with the procedure and improves patient quality of life.
  • Enables free flow of blood through the valve, without the danger of valvular thrombosis or stenosis.

Market Summary

Mitral annuloplasty is the current standard of care to surgically repair regurgitant mitral valves using an open-chest surgical approach. Mitral annuloplasty often fails when performed by itself and requires further resection and tailoring of the valve tissue to ensure complete closure of the valve. These tissue tailoring procedures are complex and often are the cause of valve repair failure.

Technical Summary

This technology provides a solution that simplifies traditional annuloplasty to a one-shot procedure. MitraSurg is a device that simplifies mitral valve repair, using a design that replicates the annuloplasty and leaflet tailoring procedure with a simple metallic band that is implanted across the mitral valve annulus. The device is made of a shape memory alloy and thus can be collapsed in size for delivery to the valve via catheters, expanded to its original size, and attached to the valve annulus using Nitinol screw inserts. These features enable easier implantation, and use of this device with surgical robots, which are increasingly becoming more common in the operating room today.

Developmental Stage

Prototype is under development.

Patent Information

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Nationalized PCT - United States United States 13/978,904 9,662,208 7/10/2013 5/30/2017 Issued
Tech ID: 11051
Published: 6/8/2012