Polyclonal Antibodies Directed Against Human Flightless I Homolog


  • Western Blot
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Immunoprecipitation






(DP63/DP64) corresponding to residues 450-477 and 1152-1173 of Human Flightless I homolog

Technical Summary

Protein flightless-1 homolog (Flightless 1) is a member of the gelsolin family of actin-remodeling proteins. It interacts with various other proteins such as ACTL6A, NCOA2, CARM1, LRRFIP1 and LRRFIP2.The cytoskeletal actin remodeling process in Flightless 1 involves severing filaments, capping filament ends, and nucleating actin assembly . It is a nuclear receptor co-activator with the ability to interact with other signal transduction proteins. In addition, Flightless 1 is involved in estrogen hormone signaling and early embryonic development. Its strongest expression is in skeletal muscle, with high expression in the heart and lung. The deletion of the Flightless 1 gene may be a cause of Smith-Magenis syndrome, which is characterized by developmental abnormalities and mental retardation.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 09156
Published: 9/30/2011