Automatic Mouse Movement Analysis Enhances Web Advertising


Browser mouse monitoring algorithms for improved targeting of web advertisement to client needs.

Key Benefits

  • Novel integration of client side instrumentation and server side information.
  • Detects misleading information that otherwise misclassifies client intent.

Technical Summary

Software has been developed that combines a novel algorithm with the integration of user side instrumentation and server side information that is capable of picking up on the subtleties of internet user activities translating into more accurate measurement and categorization of the client interests. It has become clear that current software does not always correctly summarize the web activity of a potential client. For example, user actions (keyword input in web search engines and web link selection) are collected and assigned to navigational or informational categories. Web advertisers can then place their respective advertising to suit the needs of the client based off of these claims. However it has been proven that these actions do not necessarily define the intent of the client. This means that in some cases the category assignment is misleading and advertising created with these categories in mind is wasteful. The potential client could be searching for a category similar to that keyword (informational) or for a specific website or product with said keyword included in the name (navigational). In these situations, misplaced advertising would yield in little or no product sales. Our novel software algorithm and strategy is able to better identify these ambiguous actions and thus leads to a better assessment of client intent and state of mind. With this software, advertisers will be able to determine the specific needs of a potential client, correctly identify ambiguous actions, and market their product in a manner that could sway an undecided shopper or direct a client with specific interests to the advertiser's product.

Developmental Stage

Algorithms and code compatible with the leading web browsers is available.

Patent Information

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Utility (parent) United States 12/608,965 8,606,725 10/29/2009 12/10/2013 Issued
Tech ID: 08147
Published: 5/11/2009