14-3-3 Isoform Expression Vectors and Recombinant Proteins for use in Bioassays


Expression vectors and recombinant proteins for use in 14-3-3 based bioassays and a variety of research applications.

Technical Summary

14-3-3 proteins are a family of phosphoserine/threonine recognition proteins that play important roles in diverse cellular processes, including cell proliferation, cell cycle progression, and apoptosis control. There are seven isoforms of the 14-3-3 genes from different chromosomes. 14-3-3 proteins function in cells primarily through their binding to diverse family of client proteins. These interactions are mediated by the recognition of phosphorylated client proteins by 14-3-3. Therefore, 14-3-3 proteins can be used in various bioassays or as reporters for studying the function of 14-3-3 proteins and their client proteins in mechanistic studies. In addition, these 14-3-3 based bioassays may be important for therapeutic development.

These expression vectors may also be used to generate 14-3-3 isoform genes or proteins for a variety of applications, including the productions of 14-3-3 proteins for use in various bioassays, as molecular probes to label specific phosphorylated proteins, as molecular reporters or surrogate markers and as an antigen to generate 14-3-3 specific antibodies.


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Published: 4/29/2009