mMob3/Phocein (clone 16E2) Polyclonal Antibody


Western Blot


Human, Mouse, Rat


Rabbit Polyclonal


KLH-Linked Peptide

Technical Summary

mMob3 also called Phocein (and was called mMob1 - see publication below) is a mammalian class II homolog of yeast MOB1 that appears to be a substrate for PP2A. In S. cerevisiae, MOB1 is an essential gene that is required for exit from mitosis, maintenance of cell ploidy, and possibly mitotic spindle pole body duplication. In mammalian cells, mMob3 forms complexes with members of the striatin family and PP2A and may be involved in vesicular trafficking and cell cycle regulation. Additional members of this complex include Sterile 20-like kinases such as Mst3, Mst4, and Ysk1 and cerebral cavernous malformation protein 3 (CCM3).

This antibody works well to detect mMob in whole cell lysates and immunoprecipitates but does not immunoprecipitate native protein. The peptide used is 100% conserved in human, mouse, and rat and has homology with other species as well.


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Patent Information

Tech ID: 05077
Published: 5/17/2012