Guide to Goals (G2G): Application for Type 1 Diabetes Management in Children


Web-based application for both self and clinical assessment and management of pediatric type 1 diabetes population.

Key Benefits

  • Specific for pediatric type 1 diabetes population.
  • Patient involvement at point-of-care encourages patient-directed, goal-driven therapy.
  • Provides simple, user friendly interface based on American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines.

Market Summary

Type I diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disorder resulting in the destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. It is typically diagnosed in children and young adults and accounts for 5-10% of all diabetes cases. T1D is a chronic disease that requires efficient management. Management depends on both patient compliance and the continuous implementation/monitoring of best practices by the clinicians, which is especially challenging in pediatric T1D population. Although there are various diabetes management applications, there is a critical need for pediatric population-specific disease management software which not only tracks data, but also promotes prioritization of patient-centered goals through a collaborative effort of the T1D management team.

Technical Summary

Emory researchers have developed G2G—a user friendly, cloud-based, web application that allows effective Type 1 Disease management by promoting patient personalized goal setting system. The application is developed based on guidelines provided by American Diabetes Association (ADA) for Type 1 Diabetes care. The software allows effective communication between patient, clinicians and T1D management team by allowing multiple user data entry, including lab results, lifestyle decisions and the completion of questionnaires. Further, G2G allows systematic monitoring of the patient and notifications regarding progress due to continuous data update which helps the T1D management team respond promptly and maximize time available for providing patient support. Unlike other available apps in market, G2G is developed specifically for the pediatric T1D population making it a unique application in the field of Type 1 Diabetes management.

Development Stage

Mobile and web application prototype developed and undergoing testing.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 16054
Published: 7/3/2017