Tool for Assessing LGBTQI+ Health Training (TALHT) in Pre-licensure Nursing Curricula



A tool for assessing health training in nursing curricula.

Key Benefits

  • This tool consists of a form that contains categories and specific domains for assessment accompanied by a scoring system to provide an accounting in each category.
  • Simplicity of design, this tool can easily be self-administered by nursing faculty and administrators.
  • Provides faculty and administrators with an organized and rational analysis of nursing curriculum.

Market Summary

LGBTQI+ populations are inherently vulnerable because they face a variety of significant health disparities. For example, the LGBTQI+ community has higher mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, substance abuse (including tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs), and suicide. In addition, the prevalence of osteoporosis and colon, liver, breast, ovarian, or cervical cancers is higher in lesbian and bisexual women, and a higher proportion of this population is overweight. Unfortunately, current nursing education programs do not adequately present the epidemiology of various health conditions and risk factors for LGBTQ+ populations. Hence, there is a significant unmet need to properly train nursing staff and provide the tools to offer optimal care to the LGBTQ+ community.

Technical Summary

The tool is modeled after the Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training from the Association of American Medical Colleges with a specific focus on improving and a developing population-focused nursing curriculum for LGBTQ+ populations. Content, which can be self-administered by faculty is infused across the curriculum rather than isolated allowing nursing students to not only build a more comprehensive understanding of population specific needs of LGBTQ+ persons but also practices on how to best engage with LGBTQ+ patients and populations.

Developmental Stage

Completed and available for use.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 21106
Published: 5/13/2022