Miniature Sterile Specimen Label for Usage in Operating Room


Sterile sticky labels for specimen labeling during surgery.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and hygienic specimen labeling in the operating room.
  • Miniature design maintained with labelling accuracy.

Market Summary

Specimen labeling practices are critical components of effective and accurate patient identification. Errors in specimen labeling can lead to results of no clinical value or adverse outcomes for the patient. Improvement of specimen labeling quality brings the opportunity for continuous cycle of quality improvement (CQI). Particularly, specimen labeling in the operating room needs to be user friendly and sterile. Currently, there are no sterile labels specific for specimen except the labeled specimen container. The design of miniature sterile specimen labeling can improve patient care and overall workflow in the operating room and healthcare facilities.

Technical Summary

Emory University surgical technologist has developed specimen labels for use in surgical settings. The specimen labels may be incorporated into sterile specimen labeling packages containing sticky labels and a marking pen. The labels are designed for detailed information of the specimen, such as placement of marking stitches, measurements, or levels of a specimen are also optional for particular application scenarios. The labels will also help to keep multiple specimens organized on the sterile field. This packaging will allow easy, hygienic use of specimen labelling in an operating room.

Developmental Stage

Product is available for licensing and digital distribution.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 18202
Published: 3/27/2019