Standard Dermatology Outcome Measures (SDOM) & SkinDexMini: Quality of Life Instruments for Skin Disease


Questionnaires to measure quality of life and functional impact in patients with skin disease.

Key Benefits

  • A quantitative measure of disease burden in patients with skin disease.
  • SDOM can be used to measure a patient's response to a therapy.
  • SDOM may be useful as an end point for epidemiologic and burden of disease studies or clinical trials.

Market Summary

Patient reported outcomes (PRO's) and tools to measure PRO's are being embraced as approaches to measure and improve health care outcomes. Skin diseases, especially chronic skin diseases, rarely result in deaths, but still have significant impact on patient quality of life (QOL) and function. Objective measures of visible skin disease may capture some of the impact but generally fail to fully capture symptoms, emotional impact and functional consequences of chronic skin disorders.

Technical Summary

Emory University researchers have shortened and modified the SkinDex questionnaire to facilitate its use in clinical and research efforts. SkinDexMini further improves gains in efficiency and the ability to deploy the QOL instrument in busy clinical environments where it may be used without disruption of workflows. The questions in this QOL instrument focus on capturing data in three domains affecting patients who have skin disease: symptoms, emotions, and function. Standard Dermatology Outcome Measures ("SDOM") enhances the SkinDexMini by allowing the capture of an itch score using a visual analog scale, a patient global assessment of skin disease treatment response, an assessment of skin disease treatment adequacy, and a screen for possible iatrogenic injury from treatment. These skin disease-specific quality of life instruments may enable the collection of robust data using a questionnaire and process which can be embedded in regular patient care workflows.

Available Languages

  • English (US & Canada)

Developmental Stage

The Standard Dermatology Outcome Measures instruments are available for use.

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Patent Information

Tech ID: 17192
Published: 3/29/2019