Wound Care Booklet for Patient Use


Booklet/card to help patients with low literacy care for wounds and track wound healing.

Key Benefits

  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Includes pictures for patients with low literacy and low health literacy.
  • Built in ruler and record space helps patients track wound size for easy reporting to clinician.

Market Summary

Wound care management is an important aspect of patient health; however, many patients do not know how to care for wounds properly, or accurately track wound healing and related symptoms. This is especially difficult for patients with low literacy. Comprehensive materials that help patients of all literacy levels appropriately care for wounds and track and report wound healing are needed.

Technical Summary

Emory inventors designed an informational booklet for use by patients with low literacy and low health literacy. This booklet contains information about wound care and hand washing. The included wound measurement card consists of a ruler and a record sheet to allow the patient to easily measure and track wound size. The booklet also shows the patient how to identify symptoms of wound infection so the patient knows when to call their doctor or nurse.

Developmental Stage

Booklets are available for use in both English and Spanish.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 17164
Published: 4/9/2018