Operating Room Video System


Mounting and video system for video recording in the operating room.

Key Benefits

  • Can be used as a component of an overall intra-operative video system as well as a standalone product.
  • Simple design is easy to manufacture and easy for the surgeon to operate.
  • Allow devices to be mounted directly on the edge of the sterile field.
  • Can streamline some of the equipment necessary in the room.

Market Summary

Operating room (OR) video recording has increased in recent years. Visual documentation of each surgery provides documentation for medical litigation, visual components to patient information, and education for surgeons. Intra-operative video allows doctors to collaborate on difficult cases. Surgeons currently write an operative note after surgery outlining every step taken. Operative video not only provides visual proof but also provides an avenue for surgeons to watch their and other old cases to learn from or reinterpret with new information. Current video systems are mounted to arms attached to the wall or ceiling of the OR. Unfortunately, current video systems can only be used in one OR unless it is unbolted and moved. In addition, the camera and video system is bulky and must be in a specific location to have the field of view necessary to acquire good images and is therefore often in the way of the OR staff.

Technical Summary

The mount developed is an easy to use device that mounts directly to any cylindrical retractor system. It would require only a simple modification to allow it to mount to rectangular retractor systems, therefore it would be able to mount to almost any retractor system on the market. The mount provides a stable base to mount objects in the sterile field. Because the mount system is made of stainless steel, it can be autoclaved in between operations. This device is simple, but effective. In addition to a video camera, this mount can be used to mount a light, instrument, or other device. This device was tested in the OR and successfully acquired images.

Developmental Stage

Working prototype has been made and is in further development.

Patent Information

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Design United States 29/455,006 D738193 5/16/2013 9/8/2015 Issued
Tech ID: 13077
Published: 7/1/2013