The BEAST Surgical Support Device


Adjustable surgical support device that incorporates surgical tray and medical equipment mounting brackets.

Key Benefits

  • Incorporated attachment brackets (other devices require separate clamps to attach to operating table).
  • Hooks and clamps allow attaching of various medical equipment and IVs.
  • Serves as "table" for surgical equipment as well as provide stability and support for physicians.
  • Constructed of light weight stainless material which enhances maneuverability.

Market Summary

Surgical procedures require a sterile field in the upper thoracic area, while allowing non-sterile access to the patients head and face. Limitations of currently available products include decreased access to patients head for anesthesiology, separate clamps for surgical table mounting that can be misplaced, and surgical drape interference with medical device cables, tubes, wires, etc. The BEAST™ was developed with substantial input from surgeons and anesthesiologist to address these limitations.

Technical Summary

The BEAST™ is a medical support and anesthetist device for use with a surgical drape/sheet that also serves as a conduit to supply the anesthetist a direct and unobstructed route to the patients head. The device has four vertical support legs that clamp directly to the surgical table above the patients head. The base device has two adjustable support arms that extend outward in a fixed or adjustable manner away from the surgical field to secure the drape/sheet. The support arms also have additional brackets, which allow for attaching various medical equipment, supply hoses, etc. in a safe, stable and secure manner. The device isolates the sterile field from the non-sterile field to better enhance infectious control measures. In addition, this technology incorporates a surgical support system consisting of two horizontal, pivoting platforms that provide the physician stability/support throughout the surgical procedure. The support platforms are designed to function independently allowing the physician greater access to the patients upper torso without removing the support device from the surgical table.


Developmental Stage

Device reduced to practice.

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Patent Information

App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Utility (parent) United States 14/210,898 8,950,344 3/14/2014 2/10/2015 Issued
Tech ID: 12226
Published: 7/23/2020