Apple FileVault Management Tool


Software for on-site and off-site IT protection.

Key Benefits

  • Encryption status reporting allows administrators to look up encryption status of lost or stolen systems to prevent information breaches.
  • Combines central management and encryption status reporting into a single program increases data security.

Market Summary

IT security breaches are on the rise with as much as 85% of U.S. businesses falling victim to a data breach. Given that the frequency and cost of an IT security breach are on the rise, companies need to have a way to monitor its employees’ IT resources. Additionally, the regulatory requirements for data protection are increasing. Therefore, companies, universities, and hospitals are in need of additional ways to protect their data.

Technical Summary

Recent IT security breaches have not just been embarrassing, but also costly, both directly and indirectly. For example, in an IT security breach at Emory University Hospital, physical disks containing patient information were lost, but the fate of these missing disks is still unclear. Software is necessary that would have informed the university whether any information was retrieved from the disks. Our new software will improve response time in the case of a potential information security breach, therefore, reducing potential damages. When the software is installed, a copy of the “recovery token” is made so that the disk may be decrypted without the user password. The recovery token is beneficial in the case of a forgotten password or an employee that has died or been terminated. Additionally, the software centrally checks in with the encryption status, which would aid in determining whether a device was encrypted during the time it was lost or stolen. The reporting of encryption status enables the user to better anticipate the fallout from a lost or stolen system.

Developmental Stage

Software has been designed but is untested.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 12134
Published: 1/28/2013