Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Reporter Plasmid for High Throughput Drug Screening


Bioluminescence reporter for high throughput respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) drug discovery.

Key Benefits

Simple luciferase readout marker indicates RSV replication activity.

Market Summary

RSV is a ubiquitous respiratory pathogen worldwide. It is the most common cause of severe lower respiratory tract disease among infants and young children worldwide. Furthermore, RSV related illness in elderly is also on the rise. Currently there is a dearth of effective drugs against RSV, and there is an urgent need to devise strategies for RSV drug development.

Technical Summary 

Dr. Moore and colleagues at Emory University have generated a reporter plasmid that encodes firefly luciferase under control of RSV transcriptional regulation elements. This bioluminescence reporter indicates for RSV replication activity, and therefore is extremely useful for high throughput screening of potential antiviral compounds. In order to get luciferase activity and identify replication activity, the reporter must be used in conjunction with RSV helper plasmids (see Emory Tech 12104 for description). The simple luciferase readout provides a convenient marker for RSV replication.

Developmental Stage

Plasmid has been engineered and is available for distribution.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 12057
Published: 8/22/2012