Extensive General Safety Training Manual


All-in-one safety training manual for training volunteers, students, or employees.

Key Benefits

  • Covers basic safety practices, project-specific practices and incident reporting modules.
  • Extensive all-in-one training manual that is clear and easy to navigate. 

Market Summary

Workplace accidents cause a great amount of financial burden on organizations and the individuals that constitute them. There are many examples of accident prevention programs and training reducing injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Often this training is provided to employees and workers, but not to students and volunteers in non-profit organizations and clubs. However, it is just as necessary to train students and volunteers as well in safety practices for current and future activities.

Technical Summary

Basic safety training is not always provided to students or volunteers in non-profit organizations. Inventors at Emory University have created an extensive training manual that covers basic safety practices and precautions as well as incident and accident reporting. Topics include (but are not limited to) using the buddy system, knowing and communicating your whereabouts, carpooling, environmental hazards, and debriefing. Other project safety precautions in the manual include working with minors, working in areas with possible TB exposure, working with blood borne pathogens and sharps, and working outdoors or participating in activities that require physical exertion.

Developmental Stage

The manual is complete and is currently used to train volunteers in the Urban Health Initiative at Emory.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 15121
Published: 3/7/2017