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Antibacterial Treatment for Gum Disease
Application Small molecules that inhibit oral bacteria growth to treat gum disease and prevent tooth decay. Key Benefits Inhibits S. mutans biofilm formation. Reduces the number of bacteria by working in a bactericidal, as opposed to bacteriostatic, manner. Market Summary Periodontitis is a gum infection in which gums become inflamed due to...
Published: 12/2/2019       Contributor(s): William (Bill) Wuest, Amy Solinski, Marisa Kozlowski, Young Eun Lee, Thomas Paniak, Cristian Ochoa
OASSISS – Oral Assistance System Supplementing Inhibited Salivary Supply
ApplicationWearable device for hydrating the oral cavity of a user to relieve xerostomia.Key BenefitsWearable hydration pack allows easy access and maximum portability.Fine mist delivers adequate moisture to the oral cavity.Hydrating content may include water, artificial saliva, medications, or other remedies.Increase in moisture in oral cavity delays/inhibits...
Published: 7/10/2018       Contributor(s): Debra Paulsen, Kevin Paulsen