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Bacteria Strain in Probiotic Formulation for Weight Control
Application Bacterial strain from Lactococcus lactis as a potential dietary supplement or therapeutic to help weight control and control gut inflammation. Key Benefits Provides anti-inflammatory effects in the intestine. Improves weight control and protects against fatty liver disease in mice fed a high fat and high sugar Western-style diet. This...
Published: 4/23/2024       Contributor(s): Rheinallt M. Jones, Trevor Darby
A Nutritional Therapy for Autism/Apraxia and Malabsorption
Application An elemental dietary supplement for treating autism, apraxia and malabsorption syndrome to reverse and avoid nutritional deficiencies. Key Benefits Provides a complete elemental dietary supplement with the proper dosage of nutrients for children with the syndrome of allergy, apraxia, and malabsorption. Potential treatment for neuro...
Published: 4/23/2024       Contributor(s): Claudia Morris