Lanny Liebeskind

Lanny Liebeskind is the Vice Provost for Strategic Research Initiatives and Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor in the Department of Chemistry, both at Emory University. As Vice Provost, Liebeskind helps advance Emory’s research impact by fostering opportunities for students and faculty for involvement in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He additionally serves as the university’s liaison to the Georgia Research Alliance. In the Department of Chemistry, he runs the Liebeskind Laboratory, which studies synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry. His own research career has centered on the discovery of new reactions and new applications from transition metal chemistry to organic synthesis.


Innovative Method for Bulk Production of Sphingolipids
Scalable Linkage Formation Boosts Protein Engineering
Small Molecule Potentiators of NMDA Receptors for Treating Neurological Conditions
Desulfitative Redox Catalysis Method for Production of Amide and Peptide Linkages
Organocatalysts for Amide Bond Formation
Amino Acid-Derived Radiotracer Compounds for PET Cancer Imaging
Drug Discovery
Medical Device
Micro and Nanotechnology
Research Tools