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The Antitussive Drug Noscapine & its Derivatives as Anti-Tumor Agents
Application Can be used for the treatment of neoplastic disease. Summary A variety of chemotherapeutic agents interact with tubulin, the major protein of mitotic spindles, resulting in mitotic arrest and ultimately cell death in rapidly dividing cells. Athough tubulin-targeting agents are capable of arresting cells in mitotis, these drugs indiscrim...
Published: 6/6/2013       Inventor(s): Harish Joshi, Judith Kapp, Yong Ke, Fuqiang Liu, Keqiang Ye, Jaren Landen, David Archer, Cheryl Armstrong
Use of the Anti-Cancer Agent, Noscapine, as an Immunological Adjuvant for Tumor Therapy
Application These compounds can be used in the treatment of neoplastic disease. They are useful as adjuvant compositions to increase cell-mediated immunity for the treatment of tumors and as an adjuvant for vaccines. Technical Summary The immune system mounts a strong response when foreign objects are detected within the body. This is not only th...
Published: 3/21/2011       Inventor(s): Judith Kapp, Yong Ke