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The Antitussive Drug Noscapine & its Derivatives as Anti-Tumor Agents
Application Can be used for the treatment of neoplastic disease. Summary A variety of chemotherapeutic agents interact with tubulin, the major protein of mitotic spindles, resulting in mitotic arrest and ultimately cell death in rapidly dividing cells. Athough tubulin-targeting agents are capable of arresting cells in mitotis, these drugs indiscrim...
Published: 6/6/2013       Inventor(s): Harish Joshi, Judith Kapp, Yong Ke, Fuqiang Liu, Keqiang Ye, Jaren Landen, David Archer, Cheryl Armstrong
Noscapine Analogs as a Potential Cancer Therapeutic
Application Noscapine analogs that incorporate 9-aminonoscapine for use as a cancer treatment. Key Benefits Has higher tubulin activity than noscapine. Induces apoptosis selectively in ovarian and T-cell lymphoma tumor cells that are already drug-resistant. Market Summary Ovarian cancer affects approximately 13 of every 100,000 women and about 8...
Published: 8/22/2012       Inventor(s): Harish Joshi, Ritu Aneja, Suryan Vangapandu
Targetin: New Targeted Non-Toxic Anti-Cancer Drug
Application Compositions and methods for treating cancer and inflammatory disease using noscapine and noscapine analogues conjugated to targeting molecules. Key Benefits Noscapine is a plant-derived alkaloid with a long-history of human use as an anti-cough agent. Noscapine is currently in phase I clinical trials for the treatment of ...
Published: 2/24/2009       Inventor(s): Harish Joshi, Suryan Vangapandu, Ritu Aneja
A Potentially Imageable Fluorinated Anticancer Alkaloid
Application Synthesis of noscapine analogs and their use as cancer treatments, including drug resistant cancers. Key BenefitsEfficient, high yielding synthesis of noscapine derivatives. Selective for cancer cells over normal human cells.Technical Summary The effectiveness of microtubule-targeting drugs as treatments for cancer has been validated th...
Published: 2/24/2009       Inventor(s): Harish Joshi, Ritu Aneja