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Vanadium-Containing Nanoscale Molecules as Cancer Killing Drugs
ApplicationUse of nanoscale vanadium containing compounds for the treatment of cancers.Key BenefitsPotent anti-cancer compound is effective against many drug-resistant types of cancers.Anti-cancer mechanism inhibits tumor growth with almost no organ toxicity.Compound can be synthesized at low cost.Market SummaryCancer is the leading cause of death ...
Published: 12/4/2017       Inventor(s): Jie Song, Shuming Nie, Craig Hill
Polymer that Neutralizes Toxic Chemical Threats
ApplicationA multifunctional polymer that captures and degrades chemical threats in the environment.Key BenefitsForms a gel that entraps toxic materials within seconds of contact.Visible color change of gel confirms neutralization of toxic substance.Modifiable structure allows for functional use against chemical entity of choice.Market SummaryToxic...
Published: 3/29/2017       Inventor(s): Craig Hill, Kevin Sullivan
Robust Water Oxidation Catalyst for Hydrogen Fuel Production
Application Oxidation catalysts for sunlight driven H2 fuel production. Key Benefits Faster reactivity compared to previously disclosed water oxidation catalysts (WOCs). Hydrolytic stability exceeds that observed for earlier catalysts. Easily prepared from readily available materials. Market Summary Hydrogen fuel is currently considered a poten...
Published: 1/17/2013       Inventor(s): Craig Hill, Iourii (yurii) Gueletii, Jie Song, Hongjin Lv, Djamaladdin (jamal) Musaev, Zhen Luo
Conjugates of Redox-Active Complexes as Catalysts for Air-Based Decontamination of Toxic and Odorous Compounds
Application A new catalytic material for decontamination of toxics and odorants using only ambient air as the oxidant. Key Benefits Decontaminates nerve agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and odorous household compounds. Oxygen is the only other reagent needed for the reaction to occur. Technical Summary Our new decontaminant comprises of tetra...
Published: 1/7/2011       Inventor(s): Craig Hill, Daniel Hillesheim, Iourii (yurii) Gueletii, Zhen Luo
Robust Inorganic Polyoxometalate-Based Water Oxidation Catalysts for Hydrogen Production
Application Novel water oxidation catalysts for the production of molecular hydrogen (H2), a clean sustainable fuel. Key Benefits Oxidatively, hydrolytically, and thermally stable. Easily assembled in solution from the earth-abundant elements Co, W, and P. More efficient than all previously disclosed systems. Technical Summary The research grou...
Published: 8/2/2010       Inventor(s): Craig Hill, Iourii (yurii) Gueletii
Polyoxometalate Fabric Catalysts for Air Purification
ApplicationSelf-deodorizing polyoxometalate-modified fabrics or cellulosic fibers that can be used to remove gaseous contaminants from the air.Key BenefitsAble to remove contaminants from both the gas and liquid phases.Removes contaminant within milliseconds of contact and for extended periods of time.Enhances water resistance, surface area, dyeabi...
Published: 2/24/2009       Inventor(s): Craig Hill, Ling Xu