Mobile Applications for PrEP Participants


Mobile applications to monitor PrEP adherence and testing results for HIV patients and those at risk of acquiring HIV.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers push notifications for medication and testing reminders.
  • Integrates a HIPPA compliant video calling service for remote clinician consultation.
  • Tracks at-home test kits shipped to participants’ homes.

Market Summary

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a strategy employed to reduce the risk of sexually acquired HIV in a high-risk population. PrEP may reduce the chances of sexually transmitted HIV infection by up to 92% when treatment is consistent. However, PrEP requires strict patient compliance as it must be taken daily. Patients on PrEP must also have quarterly HIV/STI testing to ensure that if the patient acquires HIV, PrEP is discontinued to avoid developing resistance. These quarterly tests can be easy for patients to forget.

Technical Summary

To increase patient compliance with the required PrEP testing, Emory researchers have developed two mobile applications. One application is used in conjunction with the PrEP@Home kits and the other (ePrEP) is used by patients undergoing traditional clinic testing. The apps enable telemedicine by integrating a HIPAA compliant video calling service to allow for remote clinician consultation sessions. The PrEP@Home application integrates tracking for the at-home test kits shipped to the patient’s home for self-specimen collection. The app also includes SurveyGizmo for data collection. Both applications deliver push notifications for reminders and message notifications.

Developmental Stage

PrEP@Home and ePrEP are available on the App Store and Google Play:

Android - Google Play
Apple - App Store

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Patent Information

Tech ID: 18069
Published: 12/2/2019