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Clinical Order Authorization System for Healthcare Facilities


Software that enables dual authorization requirement for junior staff member for clinical procedures.

Key Benefits
  • Enables efficient communication between senior and junior medical staff.
  • Improves patient care by reducing time for decision-making.
  • Potentially reduces unnecessary treatments, reducing costs.
  • Records decisions, allowing comparisons in treatment practice between staff and across facilities.
Market Summary

Within hospitals, senior physicians (attending) are often responsible for both advising and supervising the practice of junior physicians (residents) and advanced practitioners (APs). Timely decisions often need to be made and, due to a variety of circumstances, the resident/AP may not be able to consult in real-time with the attending. These situations can lead to decisions being made and implemented for which the attending may have suggested an alternative approach. These decisions can both impact patient care and drive up costs due to unnecessary procedures, tests, and treatments.

Technical Summary

Emory University clinicians James Blum, M.D. and Gregory Esper, M.D., M.B.A. have developed a healthcare system which enables dual authorization protocol for certain treatments. This software integrates with existing electronic medical records (EMRs) to screen for new orders that have been submitted and may be unnecessary, harmful or expensive. The standard criteria for screening is customizable and includes the patient’s information, specific conditions and procedures. When the program identifies an order that falls outside the standard criteria for a particular condition, it sends a notification via the mobile application to the senior overseeing physician. That physician can either agree, deny, or modify the order in real-time, and the decisions are recorded in the patient record. This software provides a protocol for dual control or authorization for critical or high cost decision approval and is specific to healthcare facilities.

Developmental Stage

Prototype has been developed and tested with existing EMR data.

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Patent Information
Tech ID: 16149
Published: 12/4/2017

John Nicosia
Licensing Associate
Emory University

James Blum
Gregory Esper

Hospital and Surgery
Mobile App