iPad App for Visualizing the Liver


Educational mobile iOS application for the mastering and teaching of liver anatomy.

Key Benefits

  • Hands-on app with 3D zoom and rotation features allow more thorough mapping of the liver.
  • Includes in-depth 12 minute tour of the liver, guided by an experienced surgeon.

Market Summary

Every year thousands of students register for medical school and must learn the detailed anatomy of the liver to pass though their education and residency. As a very complex and important organ, all medical practitioners from residents to experienced surgeons require a quick though detailed and reliable tool for visualizing the anatomy of the liver. Videos and images have served as the standard in learning and teaching the anatomical intricacies; however, the full three dimensional landscape becomes lost. A 3D enabled, hands-on approach would greatly improve the ability of new medical students and doctors to fully learn and understand the entirety of the liver and expand the understanding for those already practicing medicine.

Technology Summary

Researchers in Emory University’s School of Medicine have developed a flexible and anatomically accurate application for the iPad that provides a three dimensional visualization of the liver and its anatomy. The application was prepared from a synthesis of radiographic, cadaveric, and surgical references, as well as hundreds of hours of liver surgery. This hands-on tool allows one to mentally map the 3D anatomy of the liver in a way that has never been possible through illustrations. Features of the app include the ability to zoom in, tap for labels, and turn objects on and off to understand the relationships. The application also includes over 12 minutes of videos narrated by an Emory surgical oncologist. These animated videos use the same models as the app and provide an in-depth tour of the liver guided by an experienced liver surgeon.

Developmental Stage

The iPad app is available for download at the iTunes store.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 14113
Published: 4/23/2015