Software for the Visualization of Patient Satisfaction Data


Data analysis and presentation program for use by healthcare organizations that enables the user to quickly and simply visualize and understand data from patient satisfaction surveys.

Key Benefits

  • Presents patient satisfaction data graphically as well as in tables.
  • Accelerates data compilation and analysis.
  • Displays relationships between data in new and useful ways.

Technical Summary

This technology transforms raw survey data into relational tables, run charts, and easy-to-understand graphs. Users are able to visualize data by department, a specific time period, or the category of a certain survey question. In addition, data can be visualized with comparisons between two specific questions, two departments or as a frequency distribution. This technology improves and simplifies data compilation compared to current resources available to healthcare providers. Current resources for data analysis often display data simply as large tables, making it difficult to identify important trends or patterns. Additionally, cause and effect relationships within the data are often difficult to extract in current resources. This technology allows clinical and administrative operations teams to easily visualize their strengths and weaknesses regarding patient satisfaction and to plan and monitor improvement measures more efficiently.

Developmental Stage

High functioning prototype has been used by the Emory Healthcare System and has enhanced outpatient and inpatient care.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 10109
Published: 5/3/2011