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PANDORA – Software Toolbox for Electrophysiological Data


Software system for electrophysiological data analysis and visualization.

Key Benefits
  • PANDORA functions offline within Matlab and requires no external software.
  • Interoperable with other electrophysiological toolboxes and data acquisition programs.
  • Embedded plotting system improves Matlab’s plotting capabilities, creating complex plots that are publication ready.
Market Summary

The amount of electrophysiological data that can be recorded is continually growing as technology advances. Factors such as improvement in recording quality, increased computing speed and capacity, and the ability to sample more channels has enabled massive amounts of recordings and simulation data to be collected. Manual or semi-automatic analysis of large data sets is difficult when tasked with analyzing traces produced by upwards of a million neuron and network models. The PANDORA toolbox was created to address this bottleneck in the analysis of electrophysiological data.

Technical Summary

PANDORA is a customizable, open-source software designed to extract user-defined characteristics from raw neural data. Once a data set has been analyzed and labeled, it is then organized into a searchable database. The software then analyzes the databases by comparing, merging, joining, reducing dimensions, and calculating correlations, histograms, statistics, and component analyses. The system provides an automated solution to manage, label and query datasets and then transform the results into a variety of graphical representations. PANDORA improves efficiency and accuracy in the management and analysis of large electrophysiological data sets.

Development Stage

PANDORA is available as a free download here.

Publication: Günay et al. Neuroinformatics. 2009 Jun;7(2):93-111. doi: 10.1007/s12021-009-9048-z.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 15182
Published: 2/16/2017

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