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CathNote: Cardiac Catheterization Procedure Notes


Cardiac catheterization notes for electronic medical record systems that efficiently satisfy the requirements of today's healthcare environment.

Key Benefits
  • Provides ready-to-use templates for cardiac catheterization procedure notes and easy-to-read reports for electronic medical record (EMR) systems.
  • Reduces documentation burden on providers and includes procedure codes to facilitate paperless billing.
  • Optimizes capture of data for the NCDR CathPCI Registry® to improve performance in risk-adjusted outcomes metrics and the Appropriate Use Criteria for Revascularization.
  • Adheres to the catheterization laboratory note reporting standards put forth by the Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence (ACE).
Market Summary

The majority of United States hospitals have adopted an electronic medical record (EMR) system. Despite the increasing adoption of EMR systems, many healthcare professionals are finding that the stock note templates are not suitable for their needs. Healthcare professionals in the cardiac catheterization laboratories at Emory Hospitals have been using an EMR system for several years and found that it did not sufficiently meet the needs of the cardiology team. EMR stock templates are generally outdated and not compliant with cardiology quality reporting registries.

Technical Summary

Emory personnel have developed new templates for cardiac catheterization procedure notes that are compatible with electronic medical record (EMR) systems called CathNote. These customized templates are designed for diagnostic left heart catheterization procedures, percutaneous coronary intervention (angioplasty and stenting), and combined left heart catheterization / percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure notes. CathNote allows physicians to complete one note for combined left heart catheterization and PCI procedure, reducing the documentation burden produced by old templates. The new template facilitates the capture of additional information, such as pre-procedure diagnoses, post-procedure diagnoses and procedure codes (CPT codes), to optimize billing and help hospitals move towards paperless billing. The templates meet catheterization laboratory note reporting standards put forth by the Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence (ACE). The templates also include all elements of the NCDR CathPCI Registry® data collection form to improve documentation for risk-adjusted mortality and bleeding, as well as the Appropriate Use Criteria; therefore, enhancing performance in hospital pay-for-performance programs.

Developmental Stage
  • Has been in use by cardiac catheterization laboratories in the Emory system since June 2014.
  • Additional notes for other cardiology procedures are currently in development.
Patent Information
Tech ID: 14140
Published: 3/24/2015

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